How We (Blacks) Killed Trayvon


It is often pondered as to whether or not a sound is made when a tree has fallen in the forest when there is no one there to hear it. This does not require an in-depth introspection of philosophical genius when trying to surmise an answer. Simply put, it happened therefore we can conclude a “result” occurred. We base our belief on the “result” due to our prior experiences and carnal knowledge of the occurrence at hand. The only way we change our premise regarding the “result” is if we have been reeducated or inspired to seek a new perspective on the said subject matter. I have seen this first hand in a matrimonial sense, as you learn over time that you may have done things one way all of your life, however, your perspective as opposed to another person’s perception, can be about as far apart as the Grand Canyon in itself. It is not until someone shows you a different way of doing things, that the mental roadblocks and walls of ignorance are conquered or broken down. The “result” of anything, is a summary of procedures and processes that occurred prior to a conclusion. In the sample of the tree falling in the forest, we realize that it fell and made a sound, however no one ever tends to ask what caused the tree to fall in the first place. Was the tree old? Did someone or some thing chop it down? Did its roots simply grow tired of conquering winds and erosive soil. What caused this result? Upon this reflection on dendrology, I began to also reflect on the psychology of sociology. In other words, I decided to look at why people think, what they think, when it comes to certain types of people and their culture. I decided to go where I am most familiar, as I won’t proclaim to be a psychoanalyst of ethnicities and their culture. Point blank, I’m black and I’m going to speak about black things. In the immortal words of Public Enemy; “I’m going to say it like it really is”.

If you are sensitive stop here (pause for the cause). If not, then read on. We are all more than aware of the tragedy that is Trayvon Martin. The case is on television, it’s high profile, it’s controversial and we can all say that it’s just a heart wrenching, tragedy that no family should ever have to endure. We all lose loved ones and those who have not lost anyone significant before, I can inform you that you never quite heal from it, you just learn to get by. Trust me on this. So to lose someone and have to relive it in public and in front of a world audience is simply unfair. I pray for that family. But as I write this entry, I became saddened for not only the young life that was lost, but also because I resign to the fact that this will not be the last. We can all be up and arms as a black community seeking some sort of revenge or justice on behalf of the individual(s), however we are so full of fecal matter to point that “pathetic”will not allow us to utilize her name on an application. Yes I said, “pathetic” will no longer allow us to utilize her name on an application. We are no longer a culture of substance. We are a culture of fashion labels, exploitive television and the celebrators of demoralizing figures of entertainment. We no longer preach education, we preach incarceration. We celebrate convicts instead of college graduates. No longer do we hold our men to higher standards, instead our women allow themselves to be dumping grounds for sperm clinics while celebrating countless births outside of wedlock. We can find money for everything to put on our children’s external being, but never invest in filling up their internal being and self esteem. I don’t care if “little man can dance” the greater question is can he read? The promise of hope, opportunity and freedom were pledged on the backs of ancestral slaves, yet we make a mockery of their struggles by being weak, ignorant and shiftless. We live in a state of demoralized consciousness and are only but one box of Q-Tips removed from the cotton fields. And where prey-tell do we perform these acts? In front of white America. The solidarity of athletes donning hoods in support of Trayvon Martin was the anti answer. This was to send a message to white America to say what? I will answer that for you, it said nothing. It said nothing because they would shoot Lebron James too if he was in their neighborhood hanging outside their house with a hood on. Why? Because their perception is that we all look and act alike. I cannot count the many times it was suggested that “I was different” when a non-black has gotten to know me. I live in a predominantly white neighborhood and I have been referred to by police as a black drug dealer because of my car and where I live. I had people believe I was working at someone else’s house when doing yard work in my own yard. They didn’t get these ideas from talking to me or studying my beliefs; they gained this from perceptions they have seen on television and in the media. We are the slapstick, coon humor that our ancestors tried so hard to shed, yet we continuously place demoralizing concepts such as Love and Hip Hop, The BET Awards, Atlanta Housewives and many other voyeuristic programs right inside their living rooms. And we now boldly state “he shot Trayvon because he was black”. You damn right he did and they would shoot him again and his friend. Black people would have gotten nervous as well, simply due to what images we associate with a person looking suspicious or shifty. These beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious, are engrained in us as well. We have allowed white America to view us this way because we have done very little to disprove it. I will go a step further in saying that the results of Trayvon’s trial, if found not-guilty is the verdict, will send a ripple in a ocean but it will do very little thwart the course of our genocidal Tsunami. Before we can ask white America to change (which they do need to do as well) we first have to restore the black identity. When our racial profile reads: educated, esteemed, articulate and honorable, then acts against us will have a better chance of finding justice instead of a conviction of it being “just us”.

I stand by my writing, as this was not meant to be an indictment of whites nor an expulsion of blacks. This was an attempt to wake up the truth. Whether we want to admit it or not, we do judge by stereotypes more than by individuality. Is it fair? Well that’s a question that needs to be less explored as the answer to that is no, it’s extremely unfair. But what I have found is that when educated blacks and whites intermingle with one another, the dialogue becomes more proactive and less reactive. Ignorance has no place to occupy when knowledge consumes all the air in the room. My Grandmother Rosa often taught us that your reputation was everything, as it would be the one thing that you will ultimately die with. Back then, blacks were conscious about their image and what they would be perceived as, as they realized they not only represented themselves, but they represented their race as a whole. Somehow we are far removed from this concept, as my worse fears of us losing our black identity is coming to fruition. I don’t want to change the minds of white America, I want us to change our mind. When the mind changes, it forces others to have to change in order to not become obsolete. Perhaps then we have less Trayvon Martin stories and more Brittney Exlines stories(Google her). It’s time to reclaim our black image. #grandmaswisdom

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