Et tu my BFF?


“And if you ask me you know I couldn’t be much help, because a friend is somebody you judge for yourself. Some are okay and they treat you real cool, but some mistake kindness for being a fool”. So apropos were these famed lyrics by the legendary hip hop group Whodini, on a song that was simply entitled “Friends”. Upon revisiting the lyrics, the chorus goes on to chant throughout the song “Friends, how many of us have them? Friends, ones we can depend on”. If the song ended on that last line, one could reflect and ponder with the same curiosity they would have when dwelling on the famed contemplation of “what is the meaning of life?” The word friend, is dictionary defined as: a person whom one knows, likes and trusts. Such a vague and shallow definition for a word that when turned against you or laced in betrayal, can be Earth shattering to say the least. However, when a friend is trustworthy, supportive and loyal, he/she can become priceless and irreplaceable. But how many are trustworthy, supportive and loyal? If you were to peruse your contact list on your phone or Facebook listing, how many could you really say are true friends? I consider myself a loyalist to a fault. Albeit I am not a routine caller of my circle of friends, as I have become more text oriented as opposed to saying hello thru Alexander Graham Bell’s invention, yet I try to make a point of letting them know from time to time that I am thinking about them and love them through and through. With that being said, I am very selective on my usage of the word “friend” as I tend to add another “F” word when describing what the word truly means to me, which is, I think of my friends as being my “family” (a clean F word not that one you were assuming I meant). So in using the word friend, I treat it like someone who is in my blood line. It means I open up my house to you and we eat from the same table as one. It means that if I have and you are in need, then what is mine is yours. I do this not expecting them to ingratiate me, as I simply demand only a few things which is respect and that never masquerade around me (I don’t like phony people). There is nothing worse then hanging with Benedict Arnold at a Julius Caesar concert. Simply put: “Be who you say you are!” Nothing more and nothing less.

They make television shows based around the word, as well as, they make songs trying to define its meaning. What is a friend? I’m not sure we can pinpoint the true answer to that question as it is literally based on an individual’s perception. What I do know is that its meaning can sometimes be as simple as 1,2,3 yet still be as complex as Chinese arithmetic. I, for one, embrace laughter, love, camaraderie and all the things associated with the bonding of individuals I share commonalities with. It’s the energy of life and the kinetic aura that fuels our smiles, blesses our hearts and releases the endorphins inside our bodies like a streaming chord of beautiful of music. Well that is the good side of the fence. The bad side was captured in an infamous cry of disappointment when betrayal became apparent; Et tu Brute? The backstabber strikes again. #bff?hmmm

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