Michael Jackson: Jacko or Jackal?


“I’m Gonna Make A Change, For Once In My Life, It’s Gonna Feel Real Good, Gonna Make A Difference, Gonna Make It Right”. These are lyrics from the 1988 mega hit “Man In The Mirror” off of Michael Jackson’s multi-platinum selling album entitled Bad. This song was one of many groundbreaking songs performed by Michael Jackson over the course of his illustrious career that came to an abrupt, yet controversial,end when he died on June 25th of 2009. I don’t want to fixate my crosshairs on his music catalogue, as anyone who was born in the last forty plus years knows at least one of his songs and knows something about his iconic impact on the world of entertainment and pop culture. Instead I want to concentrate on “The Man In The Smoke and Mirror”.

“You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad Come On”. It seems that the perfect retort to that proclamation is: “Well, just how bad were you?” Perhaps bad enough to have an F.B.I dossier with his name on it? Well according to a United Kingdom publication called “Sunday People”, Michael Jackson had been under F.B.I surveillance since allegations of his pedophilia acts surfaced around 1989. It was believed that Michael had spent a sum of $35 million dollars over a fifteen year span to a few dozen families in an effort to buy their silence. Michael was apparently accused of sexually assaulting seventeen boys, five of which were alleged to have been famous child stars (perhaps Conroy Murray just solidified his candidacy for Humanitarian of the Year). Such a repulsive, demonizing act that Michael was alleged to have committed, as there was one account of a child being groped inside of Michael’s private theatre while watching a movie, as his parents sat only three rows away. One mother was quoted as saying that she was ok with him touching her child because her child was not bothered by it (a perfect time to legalize slapping a witch in this country). These vomit provoking acts made the information hard to digest, but the disturbing questioned that fluttered my mind while perusing this information is: What decent parent would let Michael Jackson babysit their kids in the first place? Did they not see the video for Thriller? Was he not warning us, when he let the young woman who co-starred with him in the video know that he “was not like other guys”, right before he morphed into zombie wolf creature? If that was too much of a stretch for your imagination, then how about we concentrate on the 26th Grammy Awards show, where he went with Brooke Shields, one of the most beautiful women in America at the time, yet he was preoccupied with carrying Emmanuel (Webster) Lewis around on his hip during the date like he was a clothing accessory version of Mini-Me. Now if the wormhole would just stop there, then it maybe he would have been viewed on an R. Kelly type of level. However given the fact that Michael was the poster child for low self esteem and physical mutilation, one would have to ponder as to why any sane parent would model him in front of their kids in the first place. To alchemize his body to the extreme measure he did, showed a troubling pattern of behavior that required no psychological training to detect. Given the fact that his children looked like him post-alchemy as opposed to his prior Afrocentric self, showed a crack in the foundation and kept me wondering: “Whose children are they? Could these children have been sold to him? Where are the mothers of these children? Why not have kids with Elvis’ daughter, you married her (Graceland still reeling from that probably)? These signs alone, were reasons to think that perhaps Michael was literally “off the wall” (pun intended) and had some major issues. So I reiterate the question: What decent parent would let Michael Jackson babysit their kids in the first place? I don’t care if he moonwalked to Saturn during the MTV Awards, there is no way I would send a child to Neverland to have a sleepover with a man who believed he was Peter Pan. The troubling notion in all of this is the fact that at least seventeen parents did not heed the warning signs and will have to live with this turmoil for the rest of their lives. Such a terrifying discovery that no parent should ever have to uncover.

Molestation is such a demonic disease, as it’s damming effects can be felt over the course of several generations. It can be an uncle, aunt, family-friend or parent that can commit these types of demoralizing acts. Today’s parent(s) needs to be cognizant of the signs in their children and more aware of their children’s immediate surroundings. Not all molesters wear glitter gloves and moonwalk across the stages. Many go undetected. Research your Megan Law databases and remember to ask yourself: Would I let this person babysit my kid? For single mothers watch the 2004 version of the movie “Woman Thou Are Loosed”. Informative and heart wrenching. #Save The Babies

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