N.F.L.=New Felony League


It was Tony Montana who boldly stated the following line in the movie Scarface: “You wanna waste my time? Okay. I call my lawyer. He’s the best lawyer in Miami. He’s such a good lawyer, that by tomorrow morning, you gonna be working in Alaska. So dress warm”. I found this line to be extremely appropriate when discussing the topic of the Aaron Hernandez’s arrest in the murder of Odin Lloyd. The case as been plastered all over the news so why regurgitate the story, that’s what the people over at ESPN specialize in doing at a nauseam. What I would like to talk about is the mentality of the privileged or the so called wealthy individuals that operate outside of the normal realm that the average American is priced out of. They say that you can tell the importance of an individuals value to others by the car you see parked in their driveway. It is ironic in this case as Aaron was said have been seen getting into a rented Nissan Altima on his way to execute Odin Lloyd. No offense to Nissan owners as I’m sure they are good cars, however, my concentration is on the mentality behind the thinking. In the wake of being investigated, Aaron decided to do what all privileged athletes do, he utilized his wealth and hired an attorney to act as a spin doctor to declare his innocence while discrediting any potential witnesses as well as the credibility of the police. Why you ask? Because he assumes that the American public is naive and gullible. Think about this. Aaron Hernandez used the average American to not only earn a healthy income, but he also used the image of an “average” American when borrowing a car in order to blend into normal society undetected. His ploy was to take out his trash and toss it onto his less fortunate neighbors yard and let them worry about the removal cost. Is this not the blueprint that we have seen in sports, whether its O.J Simpson, Pac-Man Jones or Kobe Bryant? They do the crime and others make it go away. Have they all not used the same Jedi-Mind Trick in the hopes that the weak minded and the impressionable people will believe a hoax and not the victim(s) of their heinous acts? I blame the New England Patriots to a certain degree as well. Hernandez’s history was well documented, yet a team who has had great success hired him when no one else would touch him, like a desperate franchise that could not get good players to join their teams. Did they pull the trigger? No. Did they know he was capable of pulling a trigger? Yes. You don’t leave a cocaine addict in a room full of snow, they will freeze their nasal passages and their brain trying to get high. White Lines: “Don’t Do It!”

Society admires and places athletes and entertainers on a pedestal like an idol of worship, but know very little about their history or background. Yes they can catch a ball or run like lightening, but what about their character? We need more Derek Jeter’s and Tim Duncan’s to be poster children for the respective leagues as their “off court” lives stay “out of the court”. So before buying a jersey or pledging allegiance to an idol, be careful, as you too may be shot in the back when they finally reveal exactly who they are.

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