Flight 800: Truth or Dare We Ask?

trans 800

In the movie Conspiracy Theory, Jerry Fletcher (Mel Gibson) stated “A good conspiracy is unprovable. I mean, if you can prove it, it means they screwed up somewhere along the line.”
We have seen the proverbial “Smoking Man” (for all you X-File fans) pop up throughout the history of the United States. We’ve had the Roswell alien conspiracy; the Abraham Lincoln conspiracy that speculates a kidnapping (not an assassination) was the original plot to be carried out. We saw the Kennedy “Single Bullet Theory” brilliantly portrayed in the movie JFK by Kevin Costner in his role as Jim Garrison. We have J Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO initiative as the head of the FBI, that some believe that its sole purpose was to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit and neutralize leaders of movements that were deemed subversive, like Martin Luther King Jr. Directors like Michael Moore and Oliver Stone have made a virtual career out of “pulling the wool” from off of our eyes to show that it is a man lurking behind the curtain instead of a magical wizard. These and many other theories have been floated throughout time. Some believe in them, while others debunk them. But what is truth? Truth is defined as: “the body of real things, events and facts”. So in layman’s term, truth simply means it happened and we know about. The trickery, is in the interpretation of truth; the “how” and “why” it happened. This, along with your pre-conceived conscious prior to events of any magnitude, dictates what premise you prescribe to. I for one, remain extremely open minded when receiving information as I like to visit all angles before attaching my personal logic/theory to anything. Others appreciate receiving their information from highly regarded fact relaying institutions such as the press, news networks, government and now social media. I often refer to each method in the context of how one goes about preparing for a test. We have those who want to study in great depth, while others prefer to cram last minute. Both methods work and can result in a passing grade; however, what have we learned in the process of our obtaining of the said information? Can we both be right? Is there such a thing as two truths? I was taught that there are three sides to a story: your side, my side and the truth. As we look back on TWA Flight 800, what really happened? Truth or Dare time. I will let you choose.

If I was to say that the military, in an unprecedented act, did something unusual or out of their normal realm, what would you think? Would you believe that the circumstances at hand required a different protocol? What would change protocol? I, myself, don’t normally endorse a violent method over a peaceful method, however, if someone was to break into my house and started threatening harm to my family, I’m more than sure that peace would be placed on hold, as the situation at hand required a more drastic approach versus the normal status quo. Things usually change when situations change. After the crash of TWA Flight 800, the US Navy, in what was deemed as an “unprecedented act”, declared a five mile no fly zone during the wreckage removal. Obviously there have been other plane crashes involving US commercial airliners and “if” this knowledge is accurate, then one could easily speculate a certain “gray area” is involved that can cause a curious mind to wonder, “why” do this now? What changed or became different that required such a new methodology to be utilized? When there are no holes in the ground then there are less places to throw dirt. Same thing applies to action. If you explain up front why you committed an act, then the likelihood of individuals concluding beyond your explanation will lessen. We are all aware that the military and government will act in the best interest of our country, which sometimes require us to not be in the know. But if we are saying that this plane had mechanical issues, then there is nothing to hide. You only hide to protect those things you don’t want visible in the light. Theories then gain steam when enhanced, such was the case with Linda Kabot’s photo taken from the deck of Dockers bar/restaurant of Westhampton Beach, NY that clearly showed what appeared to be a cylinder, missile like object hovering in the sky seconds before what many described as a streak of fire heading towards the plane before it exploded. If we can honor the fact that terrorist attacked the Twin Towers, then why can’t we honor a possible terrorist missile killing passengers? That is of course unless it was a domestic error instead of a foreign attack. We have the counter-argument to the conspiracy theory that perhaps it was a mechanical error. The National Transportation Board was said that they never discovered a residue that would have them conclude that a missile or explosive device caused the plane’s destruction. They concentrated their theories around the central fuel tank claiming that static electricity caused the explosion to occur. The F.B.I, on the other hand, believed that it was a possible bomb that may have been planted near the fuel tank and was detonated once the plane ascended. Boeing Company, who designed the 747 model for TWA, denounced the National Transportation Board’s theory,saying that in no way could an electric charge have ignited the fuel tank. So what caused 230 innocent individuals to lose their lives? Do the conspiracy theorist have it right or do the fact relaying institutions have it right? Who do you believe?

Truth, or Dare we ask? Who shall we believe or trust in? What I do know is that I trust in righteousness and justice. The open wounds of life are stitched and stapled to prevent infection, but rarely do they ever completely heal. Seek and you shall find that what we know is not much. All of the information provided today is less transparent and more than often misdirected by magical smoke and mirrors. I often say that if Jeffrey Dahmer wrote a cookbook, would you use it? Study the facts and study the messenger and there you will find, your truth.

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