In Review: Injustice-Gods Among Us


If you are a DC Comic fan, then this game will definitely peak your interest as you impatiently await the highly anticipated Justice League movie. It is easy to compare this game to Mortal Kombat (Finish Him!), however it’s all that and a bag of chips, Skittles, Slurpee, Milky Way and every other Convenient Store wallet zapper (apparently my hunger has taken over my writing). Needless to say, Injustice is a “gamer’s paradise” (sorry Coolio) that has everything from great graphics to an intriguing selection of heroes and villains with awesome combat moves. You can spend countless hours playing as your favorite DC Comic character. My only knock is that I wish one of the characters came with a “kryptonite kick” because Superman can be one tough Son Of Jor-El to beat. This game I will give 4 out of 5 Remote Controls to. It’s worth the money and if you don’t have the $59.99 to spend, do yourself a favor and check out Amazon for great deals on used versions of this game for your console. To all my gaming geeks: “Don’t Hate The Player, Just Beat The Game”

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