Paula Deen Is In The Race


Our choice of vernacular can often be viewed as both a weapon of peace or as a weapon of mass destruction. The bible professes that “Life and Death are in the power of the tongue”; but what if you only know one tongue or one type of language? We except English as our first language because we were born in America. The words we tend to utilize in English, are a product of our education, our peers and the lessons we are taught in our homes from day one. Take me for instance. I am a native Long Islander with a pretty decent vocabulary who is orally clairvoyant; however, when I am in the company of my southern relatives, you will often hear my speech pattern and choice of words turn into a mixture of southern drawl and southern slang that would require an interpreter to decipher our back and forth bantering. The point I’m making is that my first learned experiences came from my southern parents, my secondary learning came from my education. If you were to ask me what form of speech I would prefer to utilize, I would probably choose my southern dialect because it is what I am most “comfortable with. Let’s talk about comfort.

Paula Deen has become a prominent figure in the households of most Americans regardless of ethnicity. Her cackling laughter, sassy talk and affection for butter, has warmed the hearts of many Food Network viewers, including yours truly. Her southern dialect brings smiles to my soul as it in many ways reminds me of my upbringing. So when hearing the news of her racial epitaphs in reports, it truly reminded me of home. Now the home that I am referring to is not my Long Island home, the home that I am talking about is what my parents tend to call the place where they were born and raised; Virginia. I remember a few years back seeing Confederate flags being displayed proudly on porches during my visit. It was a constant reminder that time will run at a continuum, however, time will never devour the wicked beliefs of individuals that are rooted in hate and bigotry. People tend to pass along this “cursed baton” from one generation to another, to the point where it is no longer racism; its tradition. Paula was born and bred in the south, which you would think would have given her an added insight on how anything reflecting bigotry or hatred of ones color or creed would be perceived as nothing less than catastrophic. Racism, much like moonshine, are more southern derived than biscuits and gravy. The only logical reasoning behind Paula’s seemingly unapologetic theory/perception is the fact that she is simply repeating what she was led to believe was an acceptable way of thinking. Henceforth, her comfort zone. I will go a step further in saying that African-Americans are just as guilty of this same types of generational curse. Generations of African-Americans have lost site of the meaning of the N-word, as it is often used so casually in our everyday walk of life, that its true meaning and origin has been diluted because some ignorant genius decided that changing a letter or two would soften its meaning and make it more of an honorable/endearing thing. Once again, its comfortable. Yet when a white person like Paula Dean utilizes it as an off colored comment or joke, we find it gravely offensive and an abomination; just ask Michael Richardson. The bottom line is we can’t have it both ways. It either fully offends us or we accept its usage and move forward, but ignorance at any level, whether white or black, is still ignorant. No one should ever get a pass, because the word in itself is polarizing whether it’s being utilized in jest or being utilized as a weapon of hate. The word is and always will be poisonous.

In conclusion, Paula Deen will face a trial far worse than the one she’s facing against a former employee; she will face a public one. A public trial fueled by social media outlets that usually have a pandemic effect on a person’s name and career. Her brand will forever have a disclaimer next to it, as she will often be reminded that her southern charm and buttery delicacies can never sway the ravenous appetite of a hungry mob seeking more than food on a plate. Instead they will want her head on a platter. Bon Appetite Y’all

One Response to “Paula Deen Is In The Race”

  1. Well said!!! My husband got a few delicious recipe from her show. She is officially off the air.

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