News Flash America: Lil Wayne Is A Terrorist

lil wayne

Recent reports have emerged regarding Lil Wayne (a.k.a Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) and his desecration of the American Flag while shooting his latest video entitled “God Bless Amerika”. Was his actions politically driven or a mere marketing ploy to conjure up controversy to create records sales? I would say that either one of those theories is applicable; however, let me put his latest antics into their proper perspective. I do recognize the American flag as being a sacred symbol of the United States, as it represents far more than Betsy Ross’ skills as a seamstress. Many have died and sacrificed while defending the honor of this country so that we are afforded the rights of the free speech that allows Lil Wayne to shoot a controversial video, as well as, allows me an opportunity of free expression in my writing. I truly get it. We have seen the American Flag displayed both in a distasteful and tasteful manner in pop culture before. The 80’s saw rock icon Bruce Springsteen display it proudly on his album cover for the properly entitled album “Born In the USA”. Once again, I get it. At the end of the day, Lil Wayne offends and hurts the feelings of many Americans while helping his record sales by becoming a trending topic because of these actions. Once again “I get it”. What mainstream America is not getting is that Lil Wayne at the end the day walked on a piece of cloth that can be re-manufactured time and time again and he alone will never destroy or define the flags history or meaning. What cannot be re-manufactured time and time again, are the lives of the young African-American men and women, whose lives he has both destroyed and negatively influenced throughout the years.

In my opinion, Lil Wayne has done far more damage to the African-American community, to the point where the KKK is petitioning to let him into their inner circle. Not only has his appearance become a walking minstrel show that makes blackface look somewhat tolerable, he has also become a walking/talking promoter of a killer urban drug concoction called “sizzurp” or “lean”. Sizzurp or Lean, is a recreational drug used in urban communities that is a codeine and promethazine laced cough syrup, that is mixed with Sprite or Mountain Dew. It has been known to cause respiratory depression and is believed to be responsible for the deaths of popular hip hop artist DJ Screw, Big Moe and Pimp C. Lil Wayne himself was recently hospitalized after suffering from seizures that many believe was directly related to his reckless consumption of the same potent mixture, but yet he continues to promote the drug throughout his albums. As if his reign of terror on the African-American community could not get any worse, he recently desecrated the memory of a historical black figure, Emmett Till, in one of his lyrics, as he declared his sexual potency over a woman’s vaginal region, proclaiming to do to it, what was done to the face of Emmett Till. For those who may not know, Emmett Till was a fourteen year old boy who was shot and beaten to death in a barn in Mississippi in 1955 for apparently flirting with a white woman. As if his trail of destruction cannot be worse, Lil Wayne spent 8 months in jail on a weapons charge and had numerous felony convictions stemming from a multitude of drug possessions which were pled to probationary stints. He is also the father of four kids of out-of-wedlock with numerous women, at the ripe age of thirty.

So in conclusion; Lil Wayne is a successful business owner and is living the American dream. The problem is the fact that he is destroying his African-American heritage along the way. The last thing a young, impressionable, African-American male needs to see is another celebrated street hustler whose bravado is getting high and impregnating a bunch of women out-of-wedlock, all while dressing like a misplaced clothing rack. We won’t survive this as a community the same way the American flag can survive a few sneaker imprints. Our role models are few and far in between, as we have yet to restore our own communities since the 1960’s. Obama, in all of his power, still does not have the same cache that hip hop artist and athletes have on our community matrix. Lil Wayne is our sleeper cell, the problem is that we are all wide awake, listening to his MP3 and celebrating him like deity, when in fact he is nothing more than a suicide bomber who pulled the pin a long time ago. We just never heard the explosion. #wakeup

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