Them: In Review

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“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time. ”-James Baldwin

I recall as a child being brought to the theatre by one of my older cousins, not having an idea of what we were actually going to see. Just the idea of going and being amongst the cooler kids was certainly enough incentive for me at the time. Brought popcorn with the monies my parents gave me. Back then you could probably get a whole bucket of popcorn for $1.00 as opposed to today’s tariff that requires at least an Amex Black Card or dancing on the pole for tips. But I digress, as the big popcorn and the big soda were both on deck; hey life is good right? Wait what movie are we watching? Amityville Horror? Never heard of it. What is that one about? Yes I would soon find out exactly what that movie was about due to the countless nightmares I would endure throughout the week to follow as I would soon realize that this was not Star Wars by any stretch of the imagination. This was a dark side that I could only wish I had training from Obi Wan on how to wheel a lightsaber to fend off the evil that lurked inside my dreams. There is no solace when living in a nightmare both visually and mentally in your waking moments, as well as in your sleep during the the cover of night. After viewing Amazon Prime’s Them, created by Little Marvin and executive produced by Lena Waithe, you get a macbre and in depth perspective of the African American living and breathing nightmare during a time of racial unrest that was accompanied by inhumane acts of degredation and inflicted violence in America. The story follows the plight of a black family named the Emorys and their migration from North Carolina to the city of Los Angeles in the 1950s. What seems like a story of promise and hope that sees the patriarch Henry Emory gain a job opportunity that can change the future of his family’s well being, you begin to realize that the old cliche of: “every new level has a new devil” is indeed true as some dreams can turn into nightmares and greener pastures can also be filled with hidden landmines that will try to impede every step you take. Them becomes a literal Pandora’s Box when the lid is lifted off and you discover what lingers in the dark corners of people’s hearts and minds. This is no cliche horror movie where you await a hockey mask and a machete to hack up innocent victims. No this horror movie is based on the horrors of truth, as it confronts and tackles the dark history that is America and the demonic actions initiated by people who saw African Americans as less than human beings. Them “goes there” and by there I mean to a place where American History Books has rarely gone as it delivers a raw nightmare that is better than any fictious serial killings by Jason Vorhees. It exposes the horror story truth about a time that once existed and to a degree still exists in this country to this very day. I posted a inquiry on my social media page asking whether someone had viewed this series. A person of African American descent stated that they saw the trailer but it seemed like a normal horror movie; to which I replied that oh its a horror movie, but its a horror movie due to the fact that its one we face or have faced on a daily basis for quite some time. I do recommend watching this series. Some scenes are tough to stomach and the story tends to drift on tangents. Its not hard to follow along but at times you find yourself getting deflated during segments only to be drawn back in at the conclusion of an episode. I’d give it 3.5 out of 5 stars as its innovative and informative as well as sticking to its themed horror movie genre. Check out Them on Amazon Prime.

The Dark Man eXodus: The Book of Earl

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If no pain, then no love. If no darkness, no light. If no risk, then no reward. It’s all or nothing. In this damn world, it’s all or nothing.”- Glennon Doyle Melton

I once posed a poignant question to a few of my friends when I asked: “Could you Imagine if the voice you heard inside of your head sounded like DMX? You would probably feel somewhat invincibile”. Certainly not a far fetched notion given the fact that Earl Simmons’ music gave you a layer of conviction like no other. His transparency regarding his struggles with life’s adversities, along with his vulnerable and humble submission to God, made him into somewhat of an anti-hero whose superpowers was his gravely voice and his relentless determination that was unbridled and polarizing. In a world that now often operates under the guise of a masquerade; it is extremely hard to figure out just who individuals are these days. I take great satisfaction when seeing people be unapologetically who they are despite pressures from the outside insisting that they change because the narrative sounds better and feels better for those who simply can’t stomach a strong dose of reality. Thats not to say or encourage a person or persons to behave with reckless abandonment, however it does shine a light of truth into the dark corners where reckless behavior and irresponsible choices occur. We are often reluctant to put our cards on the table for fear of being judged or vilified; but the truth of the matter is that everyone has skeletons in their closet and in some instances people have full-fledged graveyards. Matthew 7:1 speaks about judgement, forwarning that its not our place to pass judgment upon anyone. I would like to believe that Earl Simmons knew more about this scripture than most of us, as his battle with childhood demons would often interupt his prolific success time and time again. In spite of those demons there was always a moment of rebirth for him. His prayers seem to only intensify after adverse times as the “Pitbull Of The Pulpit” would some how manage to capture his congregation of fans and bring them to church with him offering not only a glimmer of hope, but also a peek into the window of redemption. I always subscribe to music for a plethora of things in my life. DMX was always that artist that gave me that adrenaline rush while reminding me that I too am unapologetic in my delivery as I let God judge my actions and not that of man nor woman. The soul of my spirit animal still lingers as it took me some time to start playing his music after hearing of his tragic passing. Hip Hop culture is a way of life for most of us who were born in the late 60s and the early 70’s, as it provided us with a reflective voice for the entire globe to listen to. And from that culture spawned our version of superheroes, who we all wanted to imitate due to the great admiration we had for people who simply looked like us, talked like us and walked like us. DMX gave us all a soundtrack to our lives, whether it was the traumatic struggles we face throughout our days or the incredible, boundless elation we feel when our energy levels are bursting like supernovas inside our souls. Yes the Dark Man’s Exodus leaves behind a family and a fandom base that will forever pine to hear that infamous growling sound that let you know that the dog was lurking and was about to getatcha. The term Exodus is derived from Greek Exosudes which translates into meaning “the road out”. “One more road to cross, one more risk to take, gotta live my life like theres on more move to make”. Rest easy solider as heaven awaits you legend. #if no pain, then no love

Mamba No. 5

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The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”-Kobe Bryant
I am a self-proclaimed basketball nerd to a level that sometimes borders on obsession. I just recently attended a Gatorade League (G-League) basketball game this past week with my wife at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to watch the Long Island Nets take on the Maine Red Claws. Aside from a few borderline NBA prospects, for the most part the team is made up of players who are still dreaming about playing in the big league one day, albeit their chances of success are slim at best given their limited skill-sets and in some cases their age. But needless to say, it is basketball and for many of us who are fans of the sports, it’s a way of life for us “die-hard hoop fans” who never get tired of hearing the squeaking sounds of sneaker soles adhering to the sugar maple flooring of a basketball court or the snapping of net threading as a “wet jumper” passes flawlessly through the rim for a scored bucket. Without question this is a beautiful ensemble of music for those who subscribe to the genre, because when played right, basketball is indeed an extraordinary piece of artwork. With all of those things I mentioned that I literally put music to like a soundtrack, we can always recognize that all great music requires a maestro who can orchestrate and create that perfect sound. A sound that will eventually inspire other artist to have their own vision, as they sit on the cusp of obtainable greatness. Everyone has certain genius in them, whether its exceptional intellect, the ability or power to create or just natural ability; all of us have one of those abilities stored within our DNA. But what if a person has all of those levels of genius in their DNA. What if they have the exceptional intellect, the creative power, as well as the natural ability? That would make for one extraordinary individual who was destined to not only do exceptional things in life, but it also makes room for an individual to have a great impact on the world at large. As we sit in the wake of what is a tragic event involving Kobe Bryant, I don’t sit here writing this as a fan of his because I was never a huge fan of the player, however I always respected his work ethic and his commitment to excellence. That work ethic and commitment would come to be known as the Mamba Mentality to the world which spoke about his drive to be the greatest version of himself in anything he set out to do. We saw the five championships as fans of this great sport that he would capture as well as the numerous individual accolades he obtained. What we did not see was the behind the scenes Kobe Bryant that we are now learning had the same mentality when approaching life after basketball whether in his business ventures, his family life, his philanthropic endeavors, and ultimately as a mentor and a friend to others. It’s tough to believe that at 41 years of age that someone could have a full life, but in many ways Kobe Bryant indeed had one. His exceptional work on and off the court should be commended and is really the reason for me writing this blog. Kobe never sought out mediocrity, only legendary status. He was listening to a wondrous soundtrack to life that I am deeming as Mamba No. 5. This is music to my ears and perhaps should be a song on rotation for all of those who are seeking to live life to its fullest and committing to your dreams and aspirations. Mamba out, but Mamba not forgotten. #salute 8-24

The Joker In Review

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They say “he who laughs last, laughs best”; which is loosely interpreted as stating that the final winner will have more glory than someone who had won previously. I guess the end result of what was the culmination of everything that proceeded it, all but defines the tale of victories and defeats suffered at the hands of what is sometimes consider the simple swift transitions of life. Often times the plight to ascension is never fully documented, as we live in an instant gratification society under the belief that you just microwave it and in five minutes your task is completed. Such a shallow take on life is this way of thinking, as the respect for the work that goes into crafting out anything meaningful or impactful often gets lost in translation.  We all are a result of our choices and the philosophies we adopt or subscribe to overall. Our only hope is that there is some sort of moral compass or barometer to prevent hostile flare-ups from occurring.  However, we are learning more and more throughout the years that we are certainly on the cusp of a precipitous downward spiral regarding humanity and the treatment of our fellow man/woman. To borrow a proclamation from Oliver Queen right before he places his suspect in the cross-hairs of his bow: “You (we) have failed this city!” as the collapse of this world seems imminent, as time is counting down like that of a ticking bomb. We are certainly at an extinction level event in the making. Perhaps this was what was behind the clinically diagnosed menacing laughter of Arthur Fleck. Perhaps Arthur’s menacing smirk while being counseled was more canary in the cat’s mouth, knowing that society had become so disturbing to the point that even an anarchist such as himself could be viewed as a superhero one day. I mean he was introduced on live television as a “Joker”, only to shock the world and obtain followers much like we do when we overly indulge on being entertained by reality television. We love being voyeurs to tragic train wrecks as we engulf ourselves in wanting to witness the downfall of people as a whole. Our appetite for self-destruction is beyond shameless, as callous behavior is now rewarded. Arthur Fleck surmised “People expect you to behave as if you don’t” when speaking about having a mental illness. How befitting as people now are entertained when watching people with tragic history live out their lives on television as if it’s a written script when it’s obvious that there is something wrong with their psyche. There was so much to dissect about ourselves when watching the great performance given by Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck. Although rooted in comic book lure, the movie offered much more than just a menacing cowl and a face painting accident gone awry. This movie depicted the festering and eventual pandemic virus of evil that plagues our world and continues to aid in our moral collapse. Arthur Fleck literally dances to his own tune, because the world forced him into trying to find peaceful music inside that of a broken mind.  Critics proclaimed the movie was way too dark and decided to abandon the movie early.  It is almost poetic justice in a sense as that was the basis of the movie, people going on with their normal lives and their personal well-being, while ignoring the fact that there are people suffering gravely in the dark corners of everyday life and need help.  It took extreme measures and a wardrobe change in order for Arthur to get his time on stage. All of his asking for help and his trying to fit in as if things were normal, only to be treated as societal burden, all but made him into a laughing stock and a joke. Smokey Robinson sang: “but don’t let my glad expression give you the wrong impression. Really I’m sad, oh I’m sadder than sad…”. Crazy enough Arthur was aspiring to bring joy to others but meanwhile he was depleted and miserable, yet he still put on a happy face. It wasn’t until Arthur started to make himself laugh that he laughed best, but by that time the joke was on everyone else. In an ode to Nicholson I am sure Arthur stated: “Wait until they get a load of me”. Now that is the true killing joke. Why wait until the joker is wild, when we have the means to reshuffle the deck and help others to try and beat the odds as well?  Joaquin Phoenix will receive an Oscar nod for his performance without question as the movie in many ways speaks heroically about people who are down and out and somehow in spite of being beaten, forgotten, demoralized and ultimately cast out of society become resilient. Somehow Arthur Fleck manages to become the Phoenix rising out the ashes to never be cast aside again. A tragic story of self-empowerment but more so a testament to surviving by any means just to stay alive. The Joker is no joke, other than the joke is on us. I recommend you go see it. #now I realize it’s a comedy

Refusing To Comment

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“Opinion has caused more trouble on this little earth than plagues or earthquakes.”-Voltaire

For each gray follicle I begin to discover on my facial canvas, I am beginning to realize or acknowledge the idea that I am getting older by the minute.  Not that there is some sort of mass calamity going on that is conjuring up anxiety leading to some sort of potential mid-life crisis or something.  In fact, this may be the most mentally sound I have ever felt in my whole entire life. For once I am perfectly fine in my own skin, body and mind.  It took some time to get here obviously. The countless encounters with insecurities we foster during our youth, combined with the constant errors of young adulthood, often result in a maturation degree earned at the school of hard knocks. This is also known as “I am tired of being f….ng stupid”.  I have always declared that on the cusp or while in, your early 30’s, a certain light bulb comes on that becomes a line that is drawn in the sand. You recognize that turning back in no longer a feasible option, as moving forward towards your awaiting destiny becomes your fixation in life. This is “self-actualization”, recognizing what is present inside of you will ultimately drives you towards wanting a certain type of fulfillment.  Ultimately this lends to you honing your talents, while declaring your individuality as opposed to wanting to be admired within a claque. It is now when we begin to realize that the opinions of others really do not matter in the grand scheme of things, and that you are indeed the author and editor of your own biography. So for me the question arises as to why are the opinions of others relevant to the mechanics of your everyday life? What relevance do they have, when the circumstances surrounding your life (wants, needs, necessities etc.) are tailor fit to the life experiences and choices you have made that govern your current makeup or situation?  We as individuals are a product of our own choices for the most part, lending a margin of error due to our upbringing and childhood experiences. But post eighteen years of age, our choices as an adult are that of our own doing. So in knowing this to be a truth, how could another person’s opinion hold the same weight as that of your own? Its not logical that they could ever understand what drives you, or what you are extremely passionate about.  Nor do they have the true insight to know what you are made of and what you desire and want out of life.  And definitely no one could ever have a true measure on the things that you passionately love. The question begs me to ask, why go on social media and play out your life to seek attention or the opinion of others?  Why delve into the dark abyss of a troll’s menagerie that has no barring nor compass on the direction of your life?  Not to mention, why would individuals choose to venture onto social media outlets with a demonic manifesto to conjure up hate, chaos, discomfort, discourse and ultimately to “watch the world burn” because your life is pathetically unfulfilled and weak?  Yes, we have reached a time to ask when is it that we put down the childish things and concentrate on our adulthood dreams?  When do we begin to value our individual goals and our individual development instead of seeking out childish acceptance from empty gigabytes as a means of fulfilling our empty vortex of lifelessness?  I adopt the cunning wordplay of Lil Duval and emphatically state that I am going to live my best life and I won’t go back in forth with you ninjas, simply because I’ve got better shit to do than worry about being unpopular and accepted. Voltaire stated that opinions are problematic like plagues and earthquakes, however I have had my world turned upside down before and I have endured countless plagues that have turned my life inside out that no one was aware of simply because their opinions could never save me from those things. But my cure for those supposed plagues and earthquakes is a pretty simple one; you pray for yourself and realize that your belief in that spiritual awakening is all that you have and need at the end of the day. Nobody’s opinion of yourself truly matters except that of your own. What is your opinion of yourself?  That is the only question we all need to answer. For the rest I refuse to comment.

Black Versus In Love

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“We were never rivals. We were competitors. A rivalry means there is a victor and a vanquished. In this case, there was never either a victor or a vanquished, just competitors. A lot of times I’ve heard people tell what they thought they knew. Well, they don’t know (spit).”-Bill Russell


In Quentin Tarantino’s movie “Django Unchained”, the now infamous “Mandingo Fighting” scene that depicted two African-American men enthralled in a bare knuckle brawl to the death while their said slave masters watched on with unbridled joy and pride, was thought to be an over embellishment by the controversial director. Historians felt that slaves were way too valuable back then, so the idea of wanting to sacrifice a slave for the purpose of pure entertainment would be considered logically flawed due to the economical ramification that would soon follow. Albeit this depiction was said to have no historical bearing, I still find myself aligned with the notion that in theory this has always been a general practice as it pertains to the African-American contribution towards the world of entertainment. Often polished off with phrases of “who is better” or “who would win” or “who won the battle”, the practice of putting successful African-Americans up against one another as some sort bravado barometer has always existed and continues to thrive as some sort of additional entertainment bonus to this day. I am not naive when it comes to the world of sports in knowing that the proverbial measuring stick, which is just a fancy way of saying pissing competition, is often how ones’ greatness is truly measured. But not once do I recall hearing or seeing anyone pit Larry Bird against his white contemporaries or poll whether or not Drew Brees is more charitable than Tom Brady. It’s as if it is not enough to be just successful as an African-American, but you also have to destroy the same hued brethren or sister that is in close proximity to your success in order to define what “true success” is. My question is not only why is this a subscribed to practice, but also who is this practice designed to entertain? The crab mentality is described as meaning that “if I can’t have it, neither can you”. When the pinnacle of success is reached by anyone in the African-American culture, there always appears to be some sort of asterisk or critique maligned in accordance with those said achievements. These asterisks and critiques can only be viewed as a tool of divisiveness, as well as a mechanism of degradation at a heighten level. Continuously we see situations where a guy like Kelvin Benjamin who is willing come out and excoriate a guy he once considered a friend of his in Cam Newton, lending soundbytes of animus to the media, but for what purpose?  This only sets up a scene of confrontation with the hopes that we have another Mandingo Fighting scene evolve from it. The same applies to Lebron James and the opening of his I Promise school. The first measured action by the news outlets was to compare both his and Michael Jordan’s charitable contributions, by digging up Michael’s charitable tax returns in order to ask people to choose who was better at doing that as well.  These are the mental traps that will not allow success to be admired and celebrated within the African-American culture; but it also thwarts replication. That is the key word; replication. We lack the template to replicate because we are taught to envy and dismiss success with jealousy, rage and outright hate. So I ask, who does this benefit?  Who does this entertain?  These are the black versus in love, too bad we don’t have verses in loving one another instead of being in competition with one another. We were never rivals; people just tell what they want you to know.

Awakening The Woke

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“Armageddon had been in effect, go get a late pass. Step!”-Professor Griff

“The revolution will not be televised” according to poet, musician and author Gill Scott Heron.  And in many ways this statement could be viewed from several different advantage points. Perhaps Gill Scott Heron was making this claim due to a lack of news or media coverage, given that he wrote this homage to revolution in 1970 during a time in which we were less advanced from a technological perspective.  One could also gather that he was proclaiming that the revolution would not only occur, but that the revolution would in fact happen and we would simply be unaware that it had taken place. I found fascination when writing a blog on Charles Manson that I playfully entitled: Helter Skelter: The Charles Manson Mixtape On Racism. What I found to be even more fascinating is the fact that my ode to the maestro of mayhem could actually come to fruition and that the realization that his soundtrack to racism was indeed manifesting itself as a viable contender on Billboard’s Top 100 in this modern-day version of America. Charles Manson stated that “I am not of this generation” which at the time may have been an undeniable truth for him and his madness; but guess what?  He could certainly be a part of this current generation as his musical manifesto would make him a virtual savant Pied Piper for racial discourse in America today.  Yes, the doctrine of a mad man is now a temperament of what is believed to be civility in our current state of being.  News reels and social media postings has all but insured us that there is no turning back now, as the harmonic symphony that once spread the melodic notes of apathy, peace, unity and tolerance, is now a reckless arraignment of abandoned love, forgotten sympathy and a demonic plague of digital sound with a soulless ensemble. Without question we have awakened the “woke”, or in this case we have found that “they are who they say they are”. To be conscious is said to be “painfully aware of”. This is not some great depth of thinking nor does it culminate into one having some mental genius about oneself. In fact, the word “woke” is defined as being “past of wake”, which is basically saying we are “past being painfully aware of” our surroundings but yet we continue to press forward in spite of the obvious. Professor Griff poignantly stated that we were late getting to what had already arrived.  Gill Scott Heron stated that it would not be televised, which could mean it’s happening right under our very noses and yet we still cannot smell it. We are indeed orchestrating the destruction of humanity and what makes things worst is that we are knowingly doing so and refusing to stop.  How do we sound off an alarm clock that will awaken those who are conscious and not asleep?  How do we ask people to visualize what is continuously being televised; yet they sit and watch? The time is now, we can no longer afford a late pass. #step

Finish Them!

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finish them


Resolutions are the off-spring often birthed at the beginning of every New Year we advance into. I find myself not contemplating a new endeavor but more or less trying to exorcise some old demons that have taken refuge inside of my dwellings while living free of room and board.  I mean contrary to what we may believe as being a time of new endeavors, our true fight begins and ends with the restructuring of our foundation by first removing older cinder blocks that have exceeded their usage.  For me I have always been a person with loose ends that need to be tied up. You can ask my wife as I am the person who has the cologne bottles with very little left in them, but instead of throwing them out I tend to hold on to them until they create an excess of clutter atop our bathroom vanity.  For me this resonates not only with my cologne bottles, but it also spills over into other areas of my life. Not that I have a laundry list of incompletes in my life, as I am a person who in many ways is a task master, however we all have those ends on a loaf of bread that remain inside the packaging that we know has some purpose, but we allow it to linger inside the bag until it gets crusty and moldy to the point it ends up being useless. Well funny enough I do eat those ends of the bread, they act as the best means of a hot dog roll as it allows your condiments to not make your bread soggy (waste not want not).  So note that there is a purpose and a place for everything. So in finding a solution to the world’s outer crust issues, I still seek answers for the inner slices of bread in my life. Those inner slices representing the inner me. The inner me that is the dreamer, the creator, the artist and the overall thing that makes me tick as a man. So in lieu of this self-examination or introspective that is “me”, I concluded one thing as my theme for 2018 and that is to finish what I started. Time has always been of the essence, but no matter how many expensive watches you wear to be fashionable, those same watches will hold little to no weight in life when you are fashionably late for your destiny.  What hasn’t worked for you in the past, you should shed for the betterment of tomorrow. Allow no shackles to retain your forward movement. Allow no individual who does not better the advancement of your life, to hold debt markers on the wealth of your ingenuity. The time is now to “Finish Them” and move forward. No longer should you leave your stones of value unturned. Unearth your greatness so that it illuminates the world like a solar system. Let your inner core be the vibrant sun whose gravitational pull can help align all of your planetary completions. Here’s to a new you and a new beginning; but it starts with abandoning those things that never worked in your favor and replacing with the things you want to see in your life moving forward. But first you have to #mortal kombat finish them #2018

Somewhere I Read

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“All we say to America is be true to what you said on paper.”-Martin Luther King Jr.


The conclusion of “The Dream” that was Martin Luther King Jr’s open letter to the American people, has long been echoed through the hallowed hallways of American history. I would think that it would be difficult for anyone with auditory perception to not have heard the ground shaking voice of King, as his words of liberation and accountability always seem to find a way to touch the nerves of our hidden souls. To this very day I get chills when listening to his oratory pontification that forced even his greatest adversaries to not only stand at attention, but in fact it would be the very power of his vocal chords that would strike fear in their foundation to the point that he was of course assassinated in lieu of their fear of his empowerment.  It is the precursor to his death that inspired this blog entry, as I have been noticeably inactive in my writing not due to a lack of motivation, but more to the point that I usually write not for quantity or foot traffic, but I write for change in the hopes that my words can inspire a difference in this world. In our waking life, we are confronted by a plethora of issues causing social unrest at a regurgitated rate, as protest, bigotry, anger, violence and yes racism has engulfed our news cycle at an alarming continuum. If one was to blink, he or she would think this modern-day scorched Earth that is America was capsulated via cryopreservation in the mental temperament of the 1960’s.  Yes indeed history is repeating itself as we continue to search for sound leadership during this crisis, only to find empty rhetoric from a governing body of empty puppets serving under the guidance of a megalomaniac totalitarian.  Who will save us from ourselves this time?  A disturbing question as we dwell in a land of the misinformed, the misled and yes the miseducated.  I find myself searching for sound reasoning as well, as I decided that my best recourse was to revisit the temperament of the historical time frame of the 1960’s, and I found myself pausing at one of Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches. It so happens that this would be his final speech days before he was assassinated. It would dubbed as the “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop” speech.

In reviewing the words from the “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop” speech I came across a segment that I felt was apropos for one of today’s greatest controversy which is the protest by Colin Kaepernick regarding the kneeling during the presentation of the American flag during NFL games due to his belief that blacks and people of color are being oppressed in our country, a and are being victimized by being shot while being unarmed by rogue police officers who in turn receive no consequences for their actions within the judiciary process after said acts were committed.  Just to reiterate this was never about anything other than those things and was never an anti-anthem or an anti-military protest. This was a silent protest that evolved from him first sitting and then opting to kneel out of respect of a former military personnel who convinced him to kneel instead; to which Colin complied. But let us not rehash the entire scenario as it has been completely bludgeon to death. My real subject is not what he’s protesting as much as it is about his right to protest because it was written into the bylaws of this country. It is why I extracted this measure from King’s “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop” speech where he stated the following: “If I lived in China or even Russia, or any totalitarian country, maybe I could understand some of these illegal injunctions. Maybe I could understand the denial of certain basic First Amendment privileges, because they hadn’t committed themselves to that over there. But somewhere I read of the freedom of assembly. Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech.  Somewhere I read of the freedom of press. Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for right. And so just as I say, we aren’t going to let dogs or water hoses turn us around, we aren’t going to let any injunction turn us around. We are going on.” I wish I could drop the mic right there and end this blog, but I must conclude my train of thought and lead you back to the proverbial well of reality. We do not live in China nor Russia, in fact Bruce Springsteen’s greatest hit loudly proclaimed our place of origin: “Born In The U.S.A”!  And being that this is our place of birth, there is nothing written in our bylaws that says our neighbors, co-workers, friends, enemies, pastors, politicians, fireman, policeman, religious zealot, racists, paying patron, season ticket holders, social media thug, white supremacist and et al I failed to list, gets to dictate what patriotism is let alone what freedom of speech and assembly should look like. Anyone who believes otherwise I challenge you to read. I challenge you to tell me what your moral meter is! I challenge you to ask yourself why your values should proceed the value of other fellow Americans living under the same inherited rights as you that is protected within the bylaws of this country. But most important who gave you the license to feel that in a land made up of a multitude of race, religions, genders and creeds do you think that there can only be one way?  If this is your train of thought and you believe there is only one way or else, then much like the fictional Siths who deal in only absolutes, you too are not an actual American. You actually want to live in China or Russia where there is one set of rules with no questions asked, because they have committed themselves to this type of logic. Perhaps it is time for you to rethink your location instead of asking fellow American’s to leave because you don’t like them disturbing something you can easily turn off for 30 seconds and reconvene afterwards. I must say the irony of ignorance is abundantly clear, as people are angry proclaiming they are avid patriots for America, but yet they still fail to know the laws which govern the country they are so proud of. Martin Luther King Jr. stated “I read somewhere”; well herein lies our greatest issue, he actually read the laws that govern our land that people are now choosing to ignore. And all the people who are protesting as citizens of these United States of America is asking is “be true to what you said on paper”. #it was written #on the mountaintop

Kaeptain America

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Kaeptain America

“Without its ideals — its commitment to the freedom of all men, America is a piece of trash!”-Steve Rogers


In my ode to the narrative voiceovers that use to accompany the heroic escapades of my comic book/cartoon heroes from my youth; I state the following:  “The last time we found our often ostracized, afro-centric textured hair hero (hero to some villain to others) he was enthralled in a treacherous battle versus the Hypocritical Avenging Obstructers who released a toxic nerve gas that was used to force him to stand on demand, rendering him with the inability to utilize his super gravitational kneeling powers.  What will come of our too black acting, lighter melano hero/villain?  Will he ever go back to being the crouching tiger he once was? Or will he succumb to the Hypocritical Avenging Obstructers who say that: “freedom is for some men, as long as it coincides with our ideals!”  Tune in for the captivating conclusion of Kaeptain America’s “Damn, Can’t A Brother Just Kneel Anymore?  Well who needs to tune in for next week when I can answer that question today, hell no you cannot kneel. But you can straight cold-cock a female and skull drag her like a venison carcass. Or if you are skilled enough, you can snuff a DJ for playing your least favorite song while wearing a half-shirt that shows off your ab rollers’ greatest achievement. And hey, let us not forget that you can go to an off-site training facility in Federal Prison and still come out and be celebrated and rewarded with a financial windfall because you visited a few animal shelters and talked to the kiddies.  Yes violence is no longer the deterrent from gainful employment the same way peaceful protesting is. So in essence you could basically shoot someone and keep your job if you run a 40 yard dash in 4 seconds flat, but if you run a 40 yard dash in 4 seconds flat and ask that people not shoot anyone, then you are setting a horrible precedence?  In fact let’s forget all of that nonsense for a second and just concentrate for a moment on the Hypocritical Avenging Obstructers. Yes the H.A.O. may be the true embodiment of Luciferication (yes a made up word), especially when the members of the H.A.O. who look like you (key in Michael Vick, key in Ray Lewis) decide to sit in judgment of the said actions of the hero/villain Kaeptain America (Colin Kaepernick) and advise him on conformity and behavior, when their checkered pasts are so checkered that they have to utilize a chess board in order to navigate through their obstructive complexities.  And for a less sophisticated analysis and irresponsible rhetoric by said the journalist who stated that Kaeptain America suffers from Stockholm Syndrome (key in Jason Whitlock) because he was raised by Caucasian parents (Colin Kaepernick is bi-racial last I checked, so either way he was going to be co-parented by a Caucasian and an African-American) which suddenly makes him a puppet for causes because he’s basically has to be told to be black because its unfathomable to think that he could have ever endured racism in a way that 100% pure blacks can. Let me the bearer of bad news for the idiots who prescribe to that notion. Being that I assisted in raising two beautiful bi-racial children, let me state emphatically that they face a far different type of racism than most, having difficulties at times of knowing where their place is, especially when they have to endure friends who don’t know they are half African-American and proceed to have bigoted conversations in their presence because they are unaware that one of their parents has a tan, simply because their skin is “passable” and show no traces of African-American heritage.  It is so easy to claim that your fist is in the air because you say your black and the hue matches the narrative, but when I look at Kaeptain America I see a young man whether you agree or disagree with his causes, who stands up to be counted instead of sitting in the comfort for safety. And because of that I applaud him tenfold. The minute you stand for something is the minute you lose your seat; therefore leaving you exposed and vulnerable to the watchful eyes of a seated audience.  I don’t know if Kaeptain America should be considered a hero or a martyr, but what I can say is that he is no criminal nor is he a villain at large. If anything he is a true American through and through. “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This statement does not contain any asterisks. It didn’t state that if your hair is textured, or if you decide something is not for you that it suddenly makes you not an American. In fact it emphatically speaks out against inequality, stating that your creator created you in an individual brilliance to that of your own. So in the case of Kaeptain America, he was created in his own brilliance; and he was given instruction by the very country he resides in to seek out his individuality because he has life, he has the liberty to do so as long as it makes him happy. Anything less than that is trash, even a comic book hero knew that, so why doesn’t everyone else?  #freedom of all men